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Counteracting Inflammation

Low grade inflammation is a process that occurs in our body constantly – it’s a mechanism our cells use to repair tissue in response to an infection or injury.  It involves white blood cells (neutrophils and macrophages) responding to the release of cytokines (chemical messengers) from damaged tissue in an effort to repair; this is […]

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Foundation Support for Hypothryoidism

The thyroid controls the body’s metabolism, so symptoms of hypothyroidism include: Fatigue, lethargy, weakness Depression, irritability, anxiety, insomnia Poor memory & concentration Weight gain, trouble losing weight Sensitivity to cold,  joint/muscle aches Constipation, sluggish digestion Recurring infections, poor immune function High cholesterol Hair thinning/loss, dry hair & skin Brittle, peeling nails Anemia, easy bruising PMS, […]

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Naturopathic Medicine Week!

WHEN: May 9 – 14, 2011 Join us in celebrating naturopathic medicine’s endeavors to create a healthier you (!) through the use of natural medicine. ——————————————————————————————————————– The Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine is celebrating Naturopathic Medicine Week with an exciting health and wellness event for the community. They are opening their doors on Saturday, May […]

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