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Aging Gracefully

April 28, 2011 – 9:13 pm

I recently did a talk on aging gracefully and have been asked by numerous people to sum it up – how do we manage to age well and remain youthful for as long as possible? Unfortunately, there are no magic pills, the “secret” is to eat a healthy diet, get plenty of exercise, breathe fresh […]

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Mercury Fillings

April 19, 2011 – 5:39 pm

Amalgams.  The word makes me cringe.  Before biological dentists grew into being,  it was common place to repair cavities by filling them in with mercury amalgams. If you’re considering having yours removed and replaced with composite or ceramics, consider watching this shockingly disturbing video on the dangers of amalgam fillings to help motivate you to […]

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Hypothyroidism & Hyperthyroidism

April 11, 2011 – 2:20 pm

The thyroid is an endocrine gland located at the base of your throat.  Its role is to rev up your body’s metabolism to give you the energy you need for all your cells to function properly.  The thyroid is regulated by TSH, a hormone produced in the anterior pituitary gland, which causes it to either […]

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April 8, 2011 – 4:27 pm

For those lucky ones, sleep comes seconds after laying their heads down on the pillow. For the rest of us, sleep can be a love-hate relationship.  We love it when it happens quickly and easily, but hate it when we lie in bed for hours, tossing and turning, waiting for the Sandman to arrive. As […]

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