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Yeast Infections – Myths Busted!

A naturopathic colleague of mine from New Zealand is kind enough to contribute to my blog with a highly informative post on yeast.  Yeast is hard to eradicate once it has taken hold and many of us suffer from symptoms of yeast-overgrowth.  The common red flags I watch for are: itchy ears, vagina or anus; […]

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Why Fatty Fish Oils are Fantastic!

Fish is a very healthy addition to any diet, but I have been hearing more and more lately that naturopathic colleagues of mine and “those in the know” are eating less fish or avoiding it altogether due to our (humans’) pollution of the environment and the fish that live in it.  This is extremely disheartening […]

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Chicken with a Side of Arsenic

Ohhh no. I want to share with you another reason why I am a large proponent of purchasing organic meats.  If you’re not able to afford organic, at least consider buying free-range poultry (they run outdoors, get sunlight, breathe fresh air and eat their natural feed) from a farm that does not use antibiotics and […]

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Mercury Fillings

Amalgams.  The word makes me cringe.  Before biological dentists grew into being,  it was common place to repair cavities by filling them in with mercury amalgams. If you’re considering having yours removed and replaced with composite or ceramics, consider watching this shockingly disturbing video on the dangers of amalgam fillings to help motivate you to […]

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