Chicken with a Side of Arsenic

Ohhh no.

I want to share with you another reason why I am a large proponent of purchasing organic meats.  If you’re not able to afford organic, at least consider buying free-range poultry (they run outdoors, get sunlight, breathe fresh air and eat their natural feed) from a farm that does not use antibiotics and hormones to increase their profit margin.

The Food and Drug Administration has recently admitted that US poultry feed contains small amounts of arsenic, a carcinogenic heavy metal, but claims, “the amount is too tiny to be dangerous”.  They have purposefully been feeding the public arsenic for over 60 years!  Who is doing this?? You might ask.   The answer is Pfizer, a pharmaceutical company.

Personally, any amount of mercury, lead, cadmium, or arsenic is never “too tiny” to be dangerous to my body – it all accumulates over time and with the added burden of other pollutants and toxins in our environment, I try to do everything I can to steer clear of any cancer-causing agents.

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