Top 10 Reasons to Come See a Naturopathic Doctor

Uncertain as to whether naturopathic medicine is right for you?

  1. For the maintenance of good health, a high quality of life, and the prevention of illness.
  2. You have a need for more natural approaches to your health concerns.
  3. Concern about the long term consequences of being on prescription drugs, or,
  4. Your medical doctor is advising you to begin pharmaceutical medications and you’re feeling reluctant.
  5. Confusion over which supplements to take, which brands to buy, and what dose is right for you; “Am I doing the right things?”  “Am I eating the right foods for my body??”
  6. You want education on what you can do to get healthy and remain that way.
  7. You have complaints that your medical doctor has been unable to address (weight loss, generalized fatigue, smoking, etc.)
  8. You have vague or peculiar symptoms – tired often, sick often, menopausal complaints, a suspected nutrient deficiency, etc.
  9. You’re on medications that are causing problematic side effects, and you’re ready to find natural solutions (diet, lifestyle, herbs, supplements, acupuncture) to reducing or ending the meds.
  10. The ever-growing list of health claims running rampant on the media and internet has your head spinning, in need of some professional clarity.

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