A message from the doctor…

As a naturopathic doctor, I specialize in health.

You may have a condition or disease, but that is not what I am treating – I’m treating you.  The whole of you. Together we can optimize all aspects of your health so that your condition or complaints are no longer a factor in your life.

It is my job to work with you to help you feel as youthful and vibrant as you ever have.

In turn, we will naturally be preventing the chronic diseases that are rampant in our society, such as heart attacks, diabetes, obesity and cancer, just to name a few.

Health is a life-long venture.  It is not something you do now and then, or twice a year, it is a commitment to an ongoing process to reach the best state of health possible.

I am passionate about what I do – let me be your guide, educator and motivator – together we will restore vitality through natural healthcare.

Dr. Sacha Elliott is a naturopathic physician practicing in downtown Maple Ridge at the Selkirk Naturopathic Clinic in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

To learn more, click on the following links that will take you to  meet Dr. Elliott, learn about the services she offers, and visit her health blog.  If you have questions about naturopathic medicine, please visit the FAQ section or contact Dr. Elliott from our Contact page.  If you’re a new patient, please read the information and download the applicable forms from the new patient page.

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Unedited endorsements from patients:

“I haven’t had much luck in the past with treatments for my acne but as soon as I started coming to this clinic and seeing Dr. Elliott I saw immediate results. I am truly amazed with what Dr.Elliott has done for me and would recommend her to everyone struggling with acne.”

“Simply the BEST doctor I have ever had!”

“Over the last 6 years no Dr. could explain why I had increasing allergic reactions, with growing severity, and why cortisone was the only solution. Dr. Elliott was the first help me understand the symptoms, root causes, and thereby empower me to recover.”

“I am always impressed of the depth of knowledge and the commitment Dr. Elliott has to “getting to the bottom of things.” Her tenacity in sorting through my varied symptoms helps guide the direction of further testing and treatment toward vital health!”

“Dr. Elliott makes you feel really comfortable talking about the issues you are having. She also answers any quick questions you may have via email which is unbelievable and really helpful!”

“My health challenges are quite complicated and I’ve seen many alternative medicine practitioners. I found that Dr. Elliot is knowlegeable and a great listener. She has gone out of her way to carefully review my past history and tests and research options for me. I would definitely recommend her.”

“She is very kind and she knows how to listen to her patient complaints.”

“Outstanding and sincere service.”

“I have gained blessed by Dr. Elliott’s attentiveness, her thorough review of reports, and her questioning mind that delves deep into the complexity of the human body. She has greatly assisted me in sorting out a myriad of seemingly unrelated health issues that are actually quite related. The journey continues toward vibrant health!”

“Dr. Elliott is very personable and knowledgeable. My impression is that she has a very thorough and holistic approach to her assessments and treatments. She is patient and explains things thoroughly and clearly.”

“Such an amazing person and so caring very professional and help me keep on track”

“Great experience and I left feeling that she really cared about my health and well being.”

“Very thorough and knowledgable. Most of all I felt like Dr. Elliott really cares about my health situation and seeing it improve.”

“Knowledgeable, eager to help, prompt, and VERY helpful!”

“Great Doctor!”

“Sacha is extremely knowledgeable, professional and passionate about natural health. She is very thorough and genuinely cares about improving the health of her patients. I would highly recommend Sacha.”

Uncertain as to whether naturopathic medicine is right for you? Review the top 10 reasons to come see a naturopathic doctor today:

1.For the maintenance of good health, a high quality of life, and the prevention of illness.

2.You have a need for more natural approaches to your health concerns.

3.Concern about the long term consequences of being on prescription drugs, or,

4.Your medical doctor is advising you to begin pharmaceutical medications and you’re feeling reluctant.

5.Confusion over which supplements to take, which brands to buy, and what dose is right for you; “Am I doing the right things?”  “Am I eating the right foods for my body??”

6.You want education on what you can do to get healthy and remain that way.

7.You have complaints that your medical doctor has been unable to address (weight loss, generalized fatigue, smoking, etc.)

8.You have vague or peculiar symptoms – tired often, sick often, menopausal complaints, a suspected nutrient deficiency, etc.

9.You’re on medications that are causing problematic side effects, and you’re ready to find natural solutions (diet, lifestyle, herbs, supplements, acupuncture) to reducing or ending the meds.

10.The ever-growing list of health claims running rampant on the media and internet has your head spinning, in need of some professional clarity.