Eliciting the Truth About Cholesterol

I came across a humorous, well-written video that nicely summarizes what those facing lifelong statin drug prescriptions (Lipitor, Crestor, etc.) must know.  The issues regarding raised cholesterol will likely affect you or your loved ones over the course of your life time, so please spend some time educating yourself on the evidence about cholesterol.  I’ve added a few resources, including this must-watch video, below.


  • Cholesterol is mainly produced in the liver and is a very important constituent of cell membranes and a precursor to hormones (vitamin D, sex hormones, etc.)
  • The “fact” that dietary saturated fats and cholesterol clog arteries has never been scientifically proven – do not fear your eggs!
  • There is a poor association between cholesterol and heart disease (unlike what we’ve been lead to believe)
  • The more inflammation you have in your body, and specifically, in your arteries, the more cholesterol your liver will produce.  This is a protective mechanism as the cholesterol is used in an attempt to repair the artery walls (i.e. treat the inflammation rather than the cholesterol)
  • As of 2004, cholesterol ranges on conventional labs were narrowed – a majority of the doctors on the panel that decided these ranges (8 of 9 doctors) had been previously paid by the drug companies that make statin medications; a review in 2006 found that there was no scientific evidence of heart disease risk to support lowering cholesterol levels as much as the panel had decided
  • Unnaturally low cholesterol is dangerous and side effects may include fatigue, depression, anxiety, increased aggression, violence, cognitive decline, memory impairment and suicide


Dr. Tom Ballard, an ND colleague of mine made this humorous yet highly informative video.  The Great Cholesterol Myth by doctors Bowden and Sinatra is a fantastic educational read.  Dr. Mercola highlights the important points about cholesterol as he uncovers the truth in his article, The Cholesterol Myth That is Harming Your Health.  And finally, the blockbuster documentary, $tatin Nation: The Great Cholesterol Cover-Up, will blow you away!

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