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Whaddya Think of Gluten?

I’ve had some very strange looks at times when I’ve recommended to my patients to go gluten-free. The looks range in severity from mild (“Oh no … I am not sure I can do that”) to full-fledged panic (“What?! Are you crazy lady??”) I am not one to talk the talk, without walking the walk. […]

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When Good Thyroids Go Bad…

Tend towards constipation? Feel lethargic often? Tire easily? Difficulty losing weight? If those descriptors hit a cord, consider your thyroid function may be suboptimal.  The thyroid gland is the “master control gland” that is located at the base of your throat.  It has its hand in all functions of the body as it controls metabolism […]

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Gluten-free Holiday Recipes

There are estimations circulating that more than 75% of our North American population is sensitive or intolerant to gluten (this is different from Celiac disease in which gluten amplifies an autoimmune destruction of the villi in the small intestine). I often suggest to those I see in practice that they eliminate gluten, if not just […]

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