Which Supplements to Take??


Another common scenario I see is over supplementation.  Heeding too much of the “take this, take that” advice can lead to one walking through my door with a bag overflowing with supplements.  Supplements are excellent to take when deficient or helping the body to regain balance, but ultimately we are creatures that were created with mouths – openings in our face with which food was meant to enter, be digested, absorbed, assimilated, and nourish our body for the promotion of health.

That is why I am recommending you read what has recently been written by a colleague of mine, Dr. Melanie Deschatelets, who I know, respect, and agree with.  She’s pared the supplement controversy down to the top 3 that she would recommend if one were to “self-supplement”  in her Minimalist Guide to Supplements; Top 3 You Can’t Get From Food.

Read for yourself, and enjoy!

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