Smart Meters

Smart MeterFor those in BC – please take a moment to click the link and sign the petition to protect your health and the health of your loved ones from Smart Meters.

The rolling out of “Smart” Meters on everyone’s homes carries documented health risks from wireless radiation, and is a violation of our rights.   Unfortunately, there is no escaping the radiation and no chance to opt-out once the meters come into effect.  You may choose not to have Wi-Fi technology in your home or office to protect yourself and your family from excess radiation, but once the Smart Meters are in effect, you no longer have that choice.  That’s extremely frightening!

If you still believe that Wi-Fi is safe along with other wireless technologies, I’d be happy to share with you dozens of research studies and articles written on this subject.  Wireless technology and the radiation it produces is NOT safe.

Our lives are becoming inundated with wireless technology; cell phone radiation, GPS, satellite TVs, cordless phones, bluetooth technology… and now Smart Meters are adding another layer of wireless radiation onto our communities, and are completely unnecessary.

There has been absolutely no long term studies on this technology to alleviate safety concerns, which is highly concerning to me, and should worry you too.  Even scarier, a “Smart” Grid is coming in which everything, including all your appliances, will be required to be wireless so the power companies can monitor your energy usage.

Smart Meters are only the tip of the iceberg, and something needs to be done – NOW.

Check out this site below and sign the petition if you are a BC resident.

Sign the petition now.

For more information about smart meters and wireless radiation check out

For more truth on the dangers of Smart Meters, read Lloyd Burrell of Electric Sense’s excellent article.


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