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Organic food can add up in cost, so it’s often required to pick and choose which organic foods we purchase.

The top food categories that I recommend you purchase organically are meats (especially beef and pork; purchase free run poultry, eggs, and wild fish), dairy, and certain fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately our meat industry ensures fast growth for the animals and a quicker time to slaughter by adding growth hormone, antibiotics, and corticosteroids to their animals which ends up in the meats and dairy products we consume.

The Environmental Working Group has put together a convenient list to identify the top produce that are sprayed with pesticides (called “The Dirty Dozen” and include certain berries, apples, and spinach). They’ve also identified the top produce which is the cleanest, with less pesticide use (called “The Clean Fifteen”, which includes avocados, cabbage and grapefruit).

Check out this link for the full list of foods.

Happy Shopping!

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