Raw Milk Battle

hThe following is an immediate call-to-action from Alice Jongerden of www.homeontherangefarms.com:

“As you may know Michael Schmidt was convicted for “distributing raw milk” in a recent court decision in Ontario.  He has also been served with an application of contempt of court, to be heard on November 2, 2011.  If he is found in contempt, he faces a penalty of $55,000 and closure of your herdshare.  This is serious.

We need your help and support at this critical juncture in the campaign for food freedom.   It is vital that the various ministers start to see the grassroots support for raw milk and other real food choices, and the right of every Canadian to choose what they wish to eat.

If you value your raw milk products and wish to see this way of life continue, you are strongly urged to take 10 minutes and complete these 4 simple steps:

1. Write a letter today! Help the cause of food freedom by spending a few minutes to send a few letters to various members of parliament, both provincial and federal.  See sample letter attached. You may use one of the letters posted or visit www.realfoodchoice.org for additional samples, but we encourage you to write your own letter from the heart. It doesn’t take many words to speak the truth, and you need only send a short letter telling the government that you want to see that raw unpasteurized milk becomes legal to distribute in Canada.

2. Email your letter today!


3. Spread the Word! Inform everyone you know of the seriousness of this situation.  Spread on Facebook, Twitter, whatever it takes to get the message out.  Ask everyone to write letters.  Create a ripple effect!

4.  Stay informed! Please visit www.realfoodchoice.org for up to date information on the Campaign for Food Freedom.  (Currently under construction-please be patient)

Don’t wait until you your right to access real food is gone.  Become part of one strong clear unified voice to make real change in this country, and assure that every Canadian has the right to eat, drink and purchase whole raw foods without interference from our government who wants to stop you from choosing.

Together we can change this injustice if we all take one small step today.

Let’s make a difference.”

Thank you Alice for your hard work and dedication to keeping the choice of healthy foods in the people’s hands!

Find out about more of the benefits of drinking raw milk here.

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