Flu Vaccine Recall

Little baby get an injectionAn unfortunate number of excess adverse effects in the UK are leading Baxter to recall 300,000 doses of it’s influenza vaccine.  Baxter has run into some trouble in the past when it was caught adding Avian Flu Virus to it’s regular flu vaccines two years ago.

Larger than usual amounts of those injected with Preflucel, it’s latest flu vaccine, have reported side effects of fatigue, headaches and muscle pain.  This vaccine, approved for use in March of this year, was prepared specially for those in mind who have allergies to eggs.

A Baxter spokesperson commented, “The vaccine is being recalled because these side effects have been reported more frequently with this specific batch.”  Although, interestingly, Baxter is asking all physicians to not only halt their injections of Preflucel, but also other Baxter flu vaccines that weren’t part of this batch.

I believe the immune system is capable of outwitting the flu and the common cold.  If you take the proper precautions – eat a nutritious diet, get regular exercise, ensure your body isn’t lacking for sleep, take a good quality high-potency multivitamin and find ways to deal effectively with stress – your body should be optimally primed to deal with any infectious organism it’s exposed to.  If you find you often catch “what’s going ’round”, seek extra support from your health care provider (perhaps high cortisol levels, poor digestive function, or blood sugar irregularities are lowering immunity) to seek out and treat the root cause.


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